Bolinas Community Land Trust                 

Hours and Directions:

We are located at 6 Wharf Rd. in Downtown Bolinas

Bo-Gas provides gas and diesel 24 hours a day with a debit or credit card.

Our manned hours (cash payment) are
7:00 am - 10:00 am 7 days a week.

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Just look at how the BCLT transformed the Gas Station and downtown Bolinas - this is what the Gas station looked like we purchased and created a family friendly affordable housing non profit.

The historic Bolinas Garage
Click here to read a history of the garage (in pdf)

Image and history courtesy of the Bolinas Museum

Read the IJ story, without one mention of hippies, or signs cut down, or how we are not a friendly town! We needed this in June '09...

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IJ Story on our CELEBRATION of 100 years of service

Click here to see the full press release for the June 6th, 2009 Event
About Bo-Gas

Operating under the non-profit umbrella of the BCLT, Bo-Gas provides our residents and visitors with the only source of gas and diesel between Mill Valley and Pt.  Reyes.

The BCLT believes this is an important community service, and though we are working towards having the gas station be an income stream to support affordable housing in Bolinas, we are currently striving to break even. 

In order for the Land Trust to continue to operate Bo-Gas, we need your support.  Please, consider increasing the amount of gas you buy locally and help us keep the gas station open. 

 Why is Gas So Expensive?

We know that the gas prices in Bolinas are expensive, but we want to explain why we must charge these rates.  The prices are legitimate and required because:

•    Our costs are more expensive then over the hill (locales other than Bolinas or Stinson)providers because of the delivery amount:  Our providers can’t bring in the larger trucks due to our location.
•    Over the hill providers sell over 100,000 gallons a month; we sell that amount in a year. The costs to run a station are fixed and our low sales mean our fixed cost result  dramatically higher gas prices.
•    Fixed costs include Local, State, and Federal taxes andtesting which add tens of thousands of dollars to our operating expenses
•    Most gas stations make their profit by selling candy, cigarettes and sodas (sugar, nicotine and fat).  Bo-Gas chooses to instead have local businesses utilize our available commercial spaces: Bobolicious Smoothie Lounge, an organic food and drink bar that is family friendly with no alcohol,  Bolinas Surf Club, a hub for surfers that offers lessons and surf products, and Om Gardens, a gift shop featuring art, healing products and locally made specialty items for home and body.
•    We must prepare a reserve for the expensive federally mandated improvements that will ensure a cleaner and more environmentally responsible gas station. 

So –Feel good about buying gas at Bo-Gas – you can get your gas without going over the hill, and you’re helping support our community with every fill up.

Thank you for supporting Bo-Gas.

Visiting from out of town?  Say thank you to Bolinas by filling up!

Please, continue to buy some of your gas locally and help keep Bo-Gas open.

Bo-Gas: Community Energy That's Good for the Community!

GREAT NEWS: New roof at 
Historic Gas Station Building (click here for more info on Bo-Gas):

Our HUD funded new roof on 6 wharf is happening! Westec Roofing (who also did the Firehouse roof, and is the only roofing company that could comply with the Davis Bacon HUD requirements in the bid process) will commence work tomorrow, Wed. July 31- Friday Aug. 2 and install a new roof on the historic gas station building at 6 Wharf Rd. 

This project is completely funded through a grant the BCLT wrote, and we are grateful to have been funded $23,000 by HUD through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, so we did NOT have to do ANY fundraising locally in order to ensure the safety and stewardship of our building. Thank you, Marin County, for awarding us the funds to do this much needed repair, and for paying for it!