Our Mission

The Bolinas Community Land Trust is a local non-profit dedicated to creating, preserving and sustaining long term affordable housing in Bolinas.

Through outreach, tenant advocacy and property management, we strive to support a thriving, vibrant and diverse community.


Vibrant, Diverse & Sustainable Community

We envision a Bolinas with sufficient affordable housing, a robust school, and a vibrant community full of life and opportunity. Like many communities around the world we are facing a housing crisis here in Bolinas, over the last 10 years our fulltime resident population has dropped dramatically due to the rising price of living and home costs. This has effected our school, our businesses and the general atmosphere of our community. The Bolinas Community Land Trust strives to create more balance and keep Bolinas thriving as a small town with a vibrant local community.


Our History

The Bolinas Community Land Trust was formed in 1982 with the goal of providing affordable housing for Bolinas. In 2000, we purchased the historic Gibson House at 20 Wharf Rd, and in 2004, the we purchased the Bolinas Garage & gas station at 6 Wharf Rd; adding commercial spaces and live/work studios to our list of properties. We currently have a number of new projects in the pipeline.


Our Properties


Gibson House

The historic Gibson house, formerly a restaurant and bar, then the Bolinas Bakery, now houses nine people. This building has five communal living units and two studios.


Bo-Gas Station

We provide critical fuel and automotive supplies to residents, visitors and emergency responders.

6 Wharf Units

There are eight dwellings housing 16 people in various configurations ranging from communal living units, live/work studios and three-bedroom family units. There are also three commercial spaces as well the Bo Gas station / office and the BCLT office.


Our Commercial Tenants


Om Garden

Full of delicious smells and exceptional trinkets, this little shop is wonderland to explore.


La SirenA Bo-tique

Locally made gifts in a space that is full of life. This shop has something for everyone.


Bovida Café

Small health conscious café focused on delicious organic salads, smoothies, coffee & tea, and paninis.

Interested in additional information about any of the properties you see listed here? Please contact us: info@bolinaslandtrust.org

Board of Directors & Staff


Board of Directors


Meg Simonds, President

Board Member for BCLT since 2016

Board Member for Bolinas Stinson school district for 5 years

General malcontent organizer 1976 to present

Organizer with 2 anti-nuclear groups 1975-1984

Retired after working for years at various sundry jobs


Jeff Clapp, treasurer

Board member since 2017

BA Art History, University of Colorado

Prior work in financial services

Currently in the restaurant business

Howard Dillon.jpg

Howard Dillon, Secretary

Board Member for BCLT since 2016

Life- long theatre actor & student of the twentieth century history

Radio host for two programs on local community radio station KWMR

Participated in the creation of a successful housing Co-op in London Bethnal Green; the Grand Union Housing Co-op


Logan Goodman

Board Member for BCLT since 2014

Holds a BFA, a degree in Landscape Design, also became an RN

Is currently retired but has owned a business in the past

Volunteered in New York for Fire Dept. to become an EMT

Steve's photo.jpg

Steve Matson

Board Member for BCLT since 2004 and president for 8+ years.

University of Oregon School of Architecture 1961-1967

Member of the original Downtown Bolinas Parking Plan committee

Countless architectural and planning projects in western U.S., Hawaii, England, Thailand, France and Mexico

Listed as “Chief Planner” in the 1974 Bolinas Community Plan Document

Provided pro bono architectural service for 6 Wharf Rd townhouses and patio and studies for potential BCLT projects

Patty Bradford.JPG

Patty Bradford

Board Member for BCLT since 2000

Certificate for Medical Herbalism

Sonoma State University- Degree: Masters of Science in Nursing

U.C. Davis, School of Medicine- Certificate: Nurse Practitioner

Queen’s Hospital School of Nursing -Diploma: Graduate of the School of Nursing

Work as Nurse, Mid-wife and Nurse Practitioner from 1967 – present


Karen dibblee

Board Member for BCLT since 2016

President of the Lions Club for 2 years

Director of school foundation for many years with experience in fundraising and grant writing

Local Business owner of the Bolinas Hardware Store from 2011 – 2019

M.Ed. in Education from the University of Vermont

Masters in Couseling Science from Dominican University

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Leila monroe

Board member since 2019

Owner of Smiley’s Saloon & Hotel since 2015

Co-Founder of Clear Resource Law

Founder and Executive Director of Project Amplifi

Senior Attorney for the Ocean Program on The Natural Resources Defense Council

Associate at T.C. Hoffmann & Associates, LLC

Business Developement Director for The Global Citizen Center



Arianne Dar.jpg

Arianne Dar, Executive Director


evan wilhelm, Managing Director

Al Foreman 3.png

Al b Foreman, Station Manager

SueAnn 1 (1).jpg

sue ann russum, Book Keeper


Leilani fraser, Office manager


Join the Board

If you’re interested in learning more about joining our Board, a Working Committee or an Advisory Committee, please email us to find out how.