Current Projects

We are grateful and thrilled to be working on a number of new and exciting projects. Once fulfilled, these housing plans could dramatically help the current situation our town is facing. Feel free to offer your donation to a particular project. The details of each of these property projects can be found below.


In The Works

Over the last several years we have been hard at work growing our organization and what we can offer our community. We currently have 6 projects in progress and expect to have many opportunites for rental and home ownership within the next three to five years.

430 Floor Plans.jpg

430 Aspen

Purchased in 2017 with a loan and funds from our Home from the Heart campaign. The property was redtagged at time of purchase and is in need of repair.

Update 9/17/19

Although disappointing, this project has been scaled back and will become a small one-bedroom home and a legal one-bedroom ADU (second unit). We had initially hoped to be able to permit the property for three bedrooms and keep a family dwelling, but this wasn’t possible. We feel we have come up with the best solution based on the restrictions put on us.

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3 Site Plan Detail.jpg

Overlook Property

We were gifted a parcel of land on Overlook in 2017, we are now well under way in the permitting proceses for these two small one-story homes. Plans are currently under review by the County.

Update 9/17/19

This project is currently being appealed to the Marin County Planning Commission by neighbors. They have expressed concern about neighborhood density and traffic impacts.  We are actively working to understand and ensure that any community concerns about these or other issues are fully addressed. We are committed to ensuring the project is fully consistent with both the Bolinas and Gridded Mesa Plans. This project is code compliant and has been verbally okayed in theory by the Coastal Commission staff.  If you have questions, please come speak to us in the office.

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Aspen Lots

The Aspen lots will incorporate the designs from Overlook in a slightly different configuration. We would like to deed restrict the houses and sell them below market value.

Update 9/17/19

This project has received federal funds and passed a NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) review but is currently on hold due to neighbor concerns.

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130 mesa ROAD

The BCLT was generously gifted 20 acres of the historic Tacherra Ranch. We have agreed to create at least 8 units housing.

Update 9/17/19

The schematic design above is still being worked on for our agricultural worker housing on Mesa Road. The current plan is to construct two units with 4 bedrooms each as well as a second unit and community space. Two kitchens would be housed together in one building creating a communal space and bedroom units would have their own kitchenette.

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Septic Program

The BCLT is working with Marin County and the BCPUD on a septic program for Big Mesa residents.  This program will allow people to create second units without costly upgrades to their septic systems where septic systems are functioning well.

Update 9/17/19

Our proposal has been received by both EHS (Environmental Health Services) and the State Water Board with interest and curiosity. We are in the process of putting together the governance and maintenance of the project but expect to move forward and look for long term financing in the near future. If you are interested in either upgrading your septic system or adding a second unit with an upgraded septic system, please stop by our office and get on our

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Downtown LOt

The BCLT was generously gifted the lots across from Bolinas Market. We have agreed to create at 8 units of housing here and one commerical space.

Update 9/17/19

The schematic drawings above represent potential for the downtown project, which we are currently prioritizing. We will be holding community meetings this fall to present it and answer questions. We will also be holding a joint meeting with the BCPUD Board to ensure that water needs for the property are met and fully compliant with the Bolinas water moratorium.   

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It Takes a Village

The BCLT is a member run organization serving the entire town. We strive for full community participation, and we value all contributions of every kind and every size.