Our Needs

Acquiring existing housing and then building additional units to create more affordable, long-term housing is one of our most powerful solutions to the community’s housing crisis. Please consider making a gift to get us closer to our goal.


Give to Our Capital Campaign

Homes From The Heart

Purchasing land and water meters for new construction is another solution on rare occasions. For this reason, we created The Homes From The Heart Campaign to make it possible to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. When a viable property or water meter comes on the market, without readily available funding, it is challenging to compete and act quickly enough to make the purchase before it becomes a vacation property.  

One way to address this problem is to have readily available capital, please consider giving a gift to Homes From The Heart today.

General Fund Donation

We’re seeking large contributions to our revolving fund for use in the acquisition and renovation of new properties.

Our goal is $2,000,000 in two years, and though we’ve received $680,000 in private donations so far, additional contributions are essential to reaching our goal.

Please contact us directly for information on how to make a major contribution: info@bolinaslandtrust.org

Give to a specific project

If there is a specific project you would like to contribute to, please let us know and we will designate those funds towards that project.

Visit our project page


Donate property

Buildable land in Bolinas is hard to find, and buying property off the open market can be extremely hard due to the high real estate prices. If you have a property, developed or not, that you wish to donate please contact us, we are happy to talk with you.

other options

If you can’t make a cash donation today, there are other ways to give. Bolinas Bay Hardware Store gives the BCLT 50% of their profit from mug sales and you can find Bellwhether coffee at both Bolinas Bay Hardware and La Sirena which is 100% profit for our cause. Please visit our shop for other opportunities to support the BCLT.

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Have a Question?

Please reach out to us directly with inquires about large dollar donations. We value your support and look forward to helping in any way possible.