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The Bolinas Community Land Trust (BCLT) is a non profit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining affordable housing in Bolinas, CA. We offer rentals and resources for people in need of affordable housing. But the BCLT is so much more...learn how we are a vibrant force in our community click here

Why is Affordable Housing Important?


You choose to live in one of the most beautiful and unique communities in the world. In addition to the natural beauty that surrounds us, Bolinas is so special because of our community, because of the people who live and work here.

Not everyone can afford to buy a home in Bolinas, and many people who have lived here for decades are finding it more and more difficult to remain.


Young families who want to raise their children here are increasingly leaving Bolinas because of lack of housing.

Our workforce, the people who fix your house, garden or work at local businesses are also challenged to find rentals they can afford.

The BCLT recognizes how important diversity is to a community and through a dedicated volunteer board and small staff, we work every day to help create affordable housing for our town.

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Congratulations to the BCLT Affordable Housing Alliance Float - First Place winner in the July 4, 2015 Bolinas Parade!
(Scroll to bottom for a slide show of the Float)

What in the world are we building in front of the gas station?  Click here to get full story and graphics

Great News! The BCLT received two grants: The WMF is helping us grow our mission and the Bolinas Stinson Fund is funding our internship program - YOUNG PEOPLE - click here to get more info on this paid opportunity

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Great News - you can give to the Land Trust through AMAZON!

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In addition, did you know that through our PayPal  donation system you can donate a small amount each month - $5.00 a month can be painless for you but adds up to a $60 donation for us at the end of a year!

2014: At long last, we are happy to welcome back the Flags that are the highlight of


Thank you to Steve Matson, BCLT Board        

Member and creative force who organized the volunteer effort to create, and who continues to ensure that the Bo-Gas pumps are a
Work of Art:
The" Apotheosis of a Gas Pump" makes a return
...The BCLT hopes you will take notice of how a lowly gas pump can become a a work of art, and how the BCLT helps make a better downtown.

And, this is how seriously we take the stewardship of our buildings:



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Live in Beautiful Downtown Bolinas
We currently have no rentals available, but urge you to join our waitlist:


Terrific NEWS: The BCLT Gets a New Grant from CDBG and HUD!
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Bo-Gas Swag!  Get some hip "t"'s and
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